Rana Daggubati: I really like my life now!

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Mumbai, Sept. 24 -- Rana Daggubati is open to exploring different mediums. The actor's latest venture is a web series, a crime thriller set in the IT world.
Talking about his tryst with the digital platform, he says, "The web is a vast medium. It's interesting how it has opened up various avenues. For actors, it's about finding new ways of reaching people and telling stories, whether it is on television or through web series. There are some people who probably don't go to theatres for entertainment. They could be using their mobile phones or computers for entertainment. In countries such as America, the greatest actors have now moved to television or web, and are coming up with great content."
The actor has had an eventful year - with Baahubali 2's phenomenal success, his regional film Nene Raju Nene Mantri being declared a hit, and his television chat show fetching him appreciation galore. 
"It's a year of successful films. Now, I am shooting for a film, which is set in the British India era of 1945. I am able to do a lot more, things really changed after Baahubali 2. Moreover, the Baahubali series has been recreated as a web show for viewers online."
Talking about his experience on the small screen, Rana adds, "I wanted to do something on TV. In the South, it's a medium that has not been explored as much. The medium is limited to older stars in the South, who've done few films in recent years. But it's a great medium because the broadcasters want to up their game, and we need to find more avenues to connect with people. I was pretty excited to be part of the chat show."
Ask him if he has received marriage proposals especially after the success of the Baahubali series, and he quips, "You think anybody would want to marry me after seeing Baahubali (laughs). I killed my mother and brother in the film." 
However, Rana admits that his fanbase has multiplied owing to the nationwide success . "I've people from different demographics following me and my work now. I am grateful and happy that I am able to do many things and cater to them."
And about tying the knot anytime soon? "No. I really like my life now and how things are shaping up (in my career). But I will settle down, at some point," says the Baby (2015) actor.