Ram Charan: Hunting for a new home in Mumbai!

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Mumbai, March 1 -- Telugu superstar Ram Charan is currently facing the same problem most Mumbaikars encounter - buying a home in the city. But that's where the similarities end. The actor is looking for land where he can build a swanky bungalow on the lines of his residence in Hyderabad.

A source close to him reveals, "While Ram Charan owns a sprawling mansion at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad and a house in Mumbai, he now plans to build a bungalow in the city as well."

Apparently, the actor is doing so as he keeps travelling to Mumbai for work and wants to partly move base to the city.

The source adds, "Also, his wife, Upasana, is in the process of expanding a chain of hospitals in Mumbai (where she is the vice chairperson), and will keep frequenting the city. The couple thought it would be ideal to have a residence here similar to the one back home in Hyderabad."

Currently, they are on the lookout for land. Once they zero in on a property that they like, they will construct a bungalow that will be personally designed by the duo. The source says, "They hope this will make things more convenient for the two when they travel to the city on business."

Despite several attempts, Ram Charan remained unavailable for a comment.