Rakeysh: I have better clarity today!

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Mumbai, Dec. 23 -- From his first film, Aks (2001), to his latest one, Mirzya, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra maintains that he has made films that he has believed in.

"I believe that a film's business will only grow, if one follows his or her passion," he says, adding that the current phase that cinema in general is going through is "interesting".

He goes on to talk about how passion is not the only contributing factor that leads to a film doing good business. "For many films, directors have the content. But there are no theatres to screen them. This, in turn, affects the business of the films," he says.

From Rang De Basanti (2006) to Delhi-6 (2009), Rakeysh's career graph is dotted with several unconventional Bollywood movies.

He says that he hasn't faced any problems fitting into the industry, owing to the positive responses of the audiences. "I have received so much love from the audience. A film-maker aims to have a direct connect with the audience, and I am lucky to have had that. They have always encouraged and motivated me in my success, and even when my films haven't done well," he says.

He adds that film-makers have conveniently blamed the audiences for supposedly wanting mediocre content. "I believe that we tend to always blame the audience, and we have done that for very long," he says, adding, "They are simple people living a tough life. And they are forgiving. They never themselves claim to be dumb. I have heard this phrase that the audience likes only commercial content. There are 1.3 billion people in the country and the truth is that we haven't even reached out to half of them."

While social media has proved to be a bane for films during promotions, Rakeysh calls it a "necessary evil", and a trend that he can't ignore. "What I don't like is that everybody with a Twitter handle thinks he or she is a journalist. On the other hand, I believe social media gives you new, imaginative ways to come up with content. I have better clarity today. I believe that a film should either be made on the basis of having a big idea and a small budget, or a big budget and and a [grand] cinematic experience," he says.