Rajkummar: Honestly, I am very happy & feel blessed!

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New Delhi, April 9 -- Every creative soul tries various avenues to express his or her ideas. So, when Rajkummar Rao confesses his desire to tell stories someday, it does not surprise us. 


Though right now, the actor is happy romancing the camera, he does nurture the desire to direct films. 


"My plate is full right now with acting assignments. But yes, one day I would love to narrate stories, and I might just produce films, too. I have often been told by people that there is a director in me and that it will come out one day. I don't know when, but I do feel an inclination," says the actor, adding that until now he is content with his career. That reminds us that he has completed eight years in the industry, as his first film Love Sex Aur Dhokha released in 2010.


Mention this to him and he shares that he feels blessed. "Honestly, I am very happy and feel blessed. A boy from Gurgaon who had this dream of becoming an actor is actually living that dream every day and has also got a chance to work with really wonderful directors. So, I have lot of gratitude. And during this journey, people have been very supportive. I remember when I started off, my mother kept telling me, just be at it and give your 200%, and it will happen," he says, sounding emotional.


Ask Rajkummar if reaching the Rs100-200-300 crore club means anything to him and he jokes, "I have not seen so much money," and laughs before adding, "No one particular aspect defines a film. Success and failure too are part of the game. It's always great if people watch your films, enjoy the experience, as that's more important. I don't have any particular number/ club in mind that my films should touch."