Rajkumar Rao to work with Aamir Khan?

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Mumbai, July 16 -- If sources are to be believed, Rajkumar Rao is all set to make a cameo in Aamir Khan's upcoming film, in which the latter is playing the role of a wrestler.

In the past, Aamir has made his fondness for Rajkumar quite evident by showering praise on him every time the latter has delivered a good performance.

In this case, too, we're told that Aamir was the one who recommended Rajkumar for the role. An insider reveals, "Rajkumar and Aamir met during Talaash (2013), and became friends.

Now Aamir has recommended Rajkumar for the role of a selector in his next, but in spite of that, Rajkumar still auditioned for the part. He has a special appearance in the film. He will start shooting for it at the end of the year."

Apparently, Aamir will start shooting for the film in September, while Rajkumar will join the unit in December. The insider adds, "It is yet to be confirmed whether they will share screen space or not. The makers were impressed with Rajkumar's audition, and hence, signed him for the part."