A memento for Rajkumar Rao!

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Mumbai, May 23 -- Rajkumar Rao has requested director Hansal Mehta to give him the script of Shahid (2013), which fetched the actor his first National Award.

"Shahid is one of Rajkumar's most special films, and the actor has very fond memories of it, which he wants to preserve by keeping the script as a memento," reveals a source close to Rajkumar.

The actor-director duo is reuniting for another film, on the sets of which Rajkumar made this request.

The source adds, "Hansal was overwhelmed, and he said he would try to arrange for a copy of the script after they complete this film." Shahid, which was based on the real-life story of lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi, won plenty of acclaim for Rajkumar.

"He feels that it is rare to get an opportunity to do a film of this sort, and that's why he wants to keep a copy of the script with him," says the source. While Rajkumar remained unavailable for a comment, his spokesperson confirmed the development, and said, "Shahid is very special for Rajkumar. It has gone beyond being just a film, and has become a part of his identity among audiences. So, he wants to preserve a piece of that time and memory."