Raju Hirani turns content curator?

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Mumbai, Aug. 10 -- After Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar became the curators of a new English channel, now we've been informed that filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani has also been approached to play a similar role for an international online content provider.

This news comes in the wake of recent reports that claim that this hugely popular American company is set to come to India in 2016. A highly placed trade source reveals that the company wants Hirani to help them find the best content for Indian audiences.

"They were toying with the idea of approaching a few names. But they thought Raju would suit this role best. They feel he will be able to guide them on how to draw more traffic to this service," says the source.

Hirani, who is currently busy giving final touches to his upcoming production, is also known to be occupied with a biopic on Sanjay Dutt. Sources say that he is trying to find time for this fresh venture. Despite repeated attempts, Hirani and his spokesperson remained unavailable for comments.