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Raju bitten by the reality TV bug?

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New Delhi, Feb. 13 -- With reality shows continuing to be one of the biggest draws for the small screen junkies, looks like they are here to stay. Apart from the participants, what seems to be making them even more interesting of late is the star presence in the form of a host or a judge.

And by stars, we aren't just talking about Shah Rukh Khan or big daddy Salman Khan, but even filmmakers including Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan, who've taken the batton with gusto. The latest to be inundated with offers is one of Bollywood's maverick filmmaker, Rajkumar Hirani.

"Raju has been receiving a lot of requests to be a part of reality shows as a judge," says a source close to director of PK (2014). "A lot of people in the industry look up to Raju for advice. He's an endearing personality and has a great sense of humour, which makes him ideal to be a judge on shows where the contestants often look up to the judge for motivation, advice and feedback when they showcase their talent," says the source, adding that above all, Hirani is a well-known face even among the audiences, and so, many reality TV show producers want to encash on his popularity, too.

While Hirani was unavailable for comment on the developments, another source close to him says that he's definitely giving it a thought. "Raju is considering the offers. He will accept something that suits him and excites him," says the source.