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No one to promote Kaka's last release?

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New Delhi, July 18 -- Two years after the demise of actor Rajesh Khanna, his fans will be able to see him in an upcoming film.

In early 2012, just before the veteran star's health started deteriorating, he had requested the makers to allow him to finish his portion of the shoot. The release, since then, has been delayed due to lack of funds.

However, now, it is set to hit theatres on Khanna's second death anniversary, today. Unfortunately, the reason not many people know about this film is because none of the late actor's family members have apparently come ahead to promote it.    

According to co-producer Diwaker Singhal, the makers had contacted Khanna's wife, Dimple Kapadia, and son-inlaw, Akshay Kumar, when the release date was decided roughly two weeks ago.    

"But they said they had prior commitments. Akshay was shooting in Mauritius and Dimpleji was also out of the country," says Singhal. Kapadia told them that she will discuss the matter when she is back by mid-July.    

The only person who has come forth to promote Kaka's last release has been his former live-in companion, Anita Advani. Regretting the absence of his family members, she says, "I have been requesting people to support the film, even if his own family is not eager to do so ... they are not available when they are needed," says Anita. At the time of going to press, both Akshay and Dimple were unavailable for comment.