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Rajat Kapoor invites Anna Hazare and Kejriwal

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Director Rajat Kapoor has sent an letter to social activist Anna Hazare and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, inviting them to watch his upcoming film, Ankhon Dekhi. We’ve been told that Rajat has done so because he feels that the theme of his film is on the lines of the policies Hazare and Kejriwal believe in.

“Rajat recently launched the trailer of his movie, which got a good response from the audience. He has been keen to show the it to the people involved with the Aam Admi Party (AAP),” says a source.

The film is about a man who believes in what he sees rather then what people ask him to accept.

The source adds that like the AAP, which started off with common people coming together. Ankhon Dekhi is also about such a change.

Rajat says, “We all talk about the common man, but he has just become a symbol. Perhaps Bauji (a character in the film) embodies that common man. It would be interesting to see how somebody like Kejriwal will react to this character. I think it would be an interesting encounter.”