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Shweta Prasad speaks about Radhika Apte's nude video

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By Tulsi, News Network

The poor actress and her family was put through so much trauma with the accusation for prostitution, putting her behind the bars and isolating her from the media and society.

The young actress’ heart calls out to Radhika Apte, who has been caught in yet another sexual controversy.

While Radhika’s nude video was leaked, a lot was said, and most of it wasn’t good. Then thankfully Anurag Kashyap came out and stated that it was a video shot by him, and wasn’t meant to be coming out the way it did!

Shweta adds more details to this entire situation, clearing some facts and explaining it with utmost sensitivity to women and their sexuality.

“I was there when it was shot. I assisted Anurag on this film and I'm very proud of it. I cannot talk about the content of the short film. That is for director Anurag Kashyap to say. But I loved the script. It was a beautiful story and meant only for the international market.”

“The nude shot was done so carefully. It was asexual innocent and beautiful. It is completely stripped of a sexual context. Vikramditya Motwane’s mom saw the film. She cried.”

“Anurag made sure there was no one except two women, one of them being me, on the sets. Anurag has a daughter and he is deeply sensitive to issues regarding the violation of a woman’s private space. I salute him for shooting the sequence so sensitively. And as a fellow-actor and as a part of a team I salute Radhika Apte for doing what she did. I am a woman and an actor.And I know how deeply affected we were by the scene. To tear it out of context and use it for titillation…what a shame!”