R Madhavan: Like father, like son!

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Mumbai, April 19 -- For most children, the most important role models are their parents. We can say the same for R Madhavan's son, Vedaant Madhavan. The actor, who played the role of a boxing coach in his last movie, Saala Khadoos, has now inspired his son to learn the sport.

"Vedaant saw his father boxing in the film, and is now eager to learn the sport. Madhavan learnt the basics, but he wants his son to learn boxing professionally, as he feels it will instill discipline in him," says an insider.

The actor, who is currently holidaying with his family in Malaysia will visit Thailand to scout for boxing training centres. "While shooting for Saala Khadoos, he was training with professionals from Thailand, and was impressed with their technique. Hence, he wants to ensure that his son learns from the best," adds the source.

Vedaant, who will be training for roughly two months, will live with some of Madhavan's cousins in Thailand. "Madhavan and his wife, Sarita Birje, will return from their holiday, while Vedaant will stay back in Thailand for his training," says the insider.

When contacted, Madhavan confirmed the news, saying, "I am glad that my son has expressed his desire to learn boxing, which is considered one of the toughest sports out there. I would love to see him in boxing trunks and gloves."