Purab: Parents have always been supportive of my decisions

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Mumbai, Feb. 20 -- Actor Purab Kohli and his UK-based partner Lucy Payton surprised everyone when they introduced their baby girl, Inaya two years ago. 
Springing a surprise yet again, these lovebirds exchanged vows last week (February 15). As they relax in Goa after their destination wedding, we asked Purab about what made him finally take the plunge.
He says, "We always wanted to get married, but didn't want to rush into it. When Inaya was going to come into this world, it was a glorious moment in itself, and we didn't want to dilute that by suddenly rushing into marriage. But this [wedding] isn't sudden, as we decided on this date a year ago."
Having a child out of wedlock is still frowned upon in Indian society. Was there any pressure on Purab from his family to get married once they got to know about Lucy's pregnancy? "No! My parents have always been supportive of my decisions. I understand that the decisions I have made with Lucy have shaken the foundations [of the] institution of marriage, but my family was evolved enough to accept us," says Purab.
Giving us a glimpse of the wedding ceremony, Purab says, "There was no tradition of any organised sect, and it was in our own style. We were dressed in Indian clothes and had genda phools (marigold flowers) as part of the decoration. Punjabi songs being played was the only bit that brought the 'Indian-ness' to the ceremony."
He adds, "Most of the things were centred around Inaya, what she loves, and children in general. There were around 35-40 children in the wedding. Special areas had been created for the kids. While the ceremony was happening, we could hear the song 'Circle of life' playing inside because The Lion King happens to be her [Inaya's] favourite movie."
A family honeymoon is on the cards now. "Maybe in the first week of March," the actor says.