Purab Kohli plans a trip to Meghalaya!

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New Delhi, Feb. 10 -- Actor Purab Kohli, who shot for his upcoming film in Meghalaya, had a fun time exploring the ghats. In fact, he is so in love with the scenic beauty of the town that he has already planned a biking trip with his friends to the state.

"I love the hills and mountains, and I find the hills of Meghalaya quite enchanting, especially since I've just spent 40 days there shooting. Forty days is a long time, but when you are working most of the time, days just go by. That's why my heart definitely wishes to explore more of Meghalaya," he says.

"I've travelled a lot in the Khasi hills and now want to explore the Garo hills. A biking trip with my friends through the Garo area would be a dream come true and I would love to do it when I get some free time later in the year," he adds.

In fact, while he was in Meghalaya, Purab made sure to see as much of the place as he could. "Once the shoot would wrap up, the actor would go around seeing the place, as he wanted to take in as much as he could," says a source from the sets of the film.