Purab Kohli feels great to be a dad!

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New Delhi, Jan. 24 -- Actor Purab Kohli, who has recently been blessed with a baby girl, says that it feels great to have become a parent.

The actor's fiancee Lucy Payton is with the baby in London right now and Purab says that staying away from the two of them is very difficult for him.

"It is such a blessing. It's one of the nicest things to happen to someone. My friends, the ones with kids, had told me that it would feel great to hold my daughter for the first time and it was the best feeling in the world, something that can't be replaced," he says, adding, "I am missing everything here, now that I am back from London. These days away from them have been the toughest days of my life."

Purab says that not only was he a doting father, but also made sure to take care of Lucy, when he was in London.

"I was not working when I went there and was absolutely free. I went there because at this time, all the baby needs is the mother. So I was making sure that the mother is fine," he says.

"Along with playing with the baby, there were a lot of diaper changes which I did. The first night (after the child's birth) was very peaceful as the baby slept for three hours. But the second night, she was very uneasy and that worried us. The mid wife reassured us by telling us that like all other babies, she will cry too," he says.