What Priyanka Chopra wore to the Oscars 2016..

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Well, this year of the Oscar awards was quite eventful! Firstly, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar after 6 nominations. And secondly, we spotted the gorgeous, sparkling Peecee taking away everyone’s breath!

We were pretty sure she would dress up to be the diva that she is. And of course, she did! She wore a beautiful naked strapless gown with a bold neckline by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. With elegant maroon lips and a ponytail with center partition, Priyanka was truly a stunner.

Not only did Peecee look like a million bucks, but she was also worth it! Her jewellery was worth $8 million!!! She wore a 50 carat diamond front back earrings that were worth a whopping $3.2 million, and stacked huge rocks on her finger too!