Six Crore on a Song?!

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New Delhi, Oct. 12 -- As the rupee fell, every industry talked of cutting costs wherever possible. Bollywood filmmakers, too, told us they're cutting down on foreign shoots and more, but surprisingly, they continue to splurge on songs.

Foreign locales, lavish dream sequences, lead pair romancing in Switzerland ... we've seen it all. Of late, however, big numbers have been thrown around when it comes to song budgets. Feroz Nadiadwala's upcoming film, Welcome Back, apparently features a song on which ' 3 crore has been spent.

According to sources, a Ram-Leela song on PeeCee was visualised as a moulin rouge meets a mujra bar setting on which a whopping ' 6 crore was spent wherein 2500 candles were lit for a single day.    

Raising the bar    

The strategy seems to be to create that one song that will be extremely popular, and go viral on the Internet. "It's a calculated risk. It's no more about an album, it's about a song. For example, the song Chammak Challo (RA.One; 2011) had 30 million downloads, which is amazing," says filmmaker Anubhav Sinha. Producer Kumar Taurani says that people might not remember a film, but they remember a song. "So I think the money spent is justified," says Taurani.    More hype?    

Trade experts agree that this splurging-on-songs trend exists, but they also say that makers often exaggerate figures. "It's hype. People make entire films, such as The Lunchbox, for ' 1.5 crore," says trade analyst Amod Mehra. Another trade analyst, Taran Adarsh, says, "Does the figure include the cost of a star? People do these songs because of their relations with producers, directors and studios," he says.    

The trend continues    

Rakesh Roshan, who has splurged on songs in Krrish 3, says, "Dil Tu Hi Bata had a lot of dancers and we shot at international locales, so, the budget was high."    

Actor Abhishek Bachchan, soon to start work on Mere Apne, will do so with a song that will show him as a rock star at a concert and it too reportedly has been shot at an expensive budget.