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Priyanka: 'I don't want to give it undue importance'

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Mumbai, May 21 -- Of late, she has been busy juggling her shoots, promotions and music career. But right before Priyanka Chopra flew off to Europe for a three-month-long shooting schedule (on board a cruise ship) for Zoya Akhtar's next multi-starrer, we managed to catch her for a quick chat.    

We've heard that actor-producer Aseem Merchant (her alleged ex-boyfriend) is making a movie on the early days of your career.    

Mein abhi itni badi nahi hui ki koi mere upar film banaye (I'm not so successful that anyone would want to make a film on me). Right now, I am doing the Mary Kom biopic which is based on her life, and we have discussed each and every scene with her. She knows everything about the movie. In that context, no one has spoken to me (about the reported film).    

But are you distressed about it?  

I don't want to give undue importance to things that are unimportant.  

After playing Ranveer Singh's romantic interest (in Gunday), you are now playing his sister. Is that weird?    

We are actors. And as an actor, what you do on screen doesn't matter in real life. The film is an interesting story about a dysfunctional family and features some fantastic actors.  

With your music career on the rise, do you want to venture into Hollywood?  

Jab tak kaam mil raha hai (as long as I am getting work), I will continue doing them (laughs). On a serious note, I love the kind of work I am doing in Bollywood. But I am an actor. So if I get good offers in Punjabi or Polish cinema, of course, I will take them up. I am not fervently chasing a Hollywood career.    

Are you also doing Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani?    

There's a long way to go before I start talking about other films. I am in discussions about three, but I can't discuss them right now.