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Priyanka hunts for sea-facing bungalow!

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Mumbai, Aug. 28 -- Recent reports have claimed that Priyanka Chopra, who has long harboured the dream of owning a bungalow in Mumbai, had zeroed in on one. The actor, however, denies it.

"I've been looking for one since four years, but I haven't found anything yet," she says, adding, "When it comes to a house, it just has to click. Ab tak who ghantiyaan nahi baji (those bells haven't rung), like the ones you hear when you're in love."

Ask her if even the stars face budget problems when it comes to buying property and she says, "Of course. I'm a girl, and a house is a big expenditure. We don't earn as much as the boys, but that's not my reason. I have to fall in love with my home as my entire life's investments will go into it."

Priyanka says that she has grown up in places where her family had a garden of their own. "I'm an army officer's daughter, and the houses I've lived in have been very spacious. I want this bungalow for my mother as well as my brother, who is getting married soon. His wife will come to live with us," she reasons.

The hunt is taking the actor longer because she's keen on a sea-facing property. Priyanka says, "Mumbai mein raho aur samundar na dekho toh kya fayda (What's the point of staying in Mumbai without looking at the sea). I love water; I think I'm a mermaid. From where I live right now, maybe if I use binoculars, I'd be able to see the water."