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Priyanka doesn't mind Kangana winning over her!

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By Tulsi, News Network

Priyanka Chopra has it all: style, attitude, looks, success, and an unstoppable drive! She hates losing. But, there’s one person she didn’t mind losing for this year, and that’s none other than Kangana Ranaut!

Kangana has won the Best Actress award for the 62nd National Film Awards for her film Queen. But naturally. Priyanka was one of the nominees for this category for her film Mary Kom, which she has worked extremely hard on.

But it is so good to see that she feels no anger or jealousy that Kangana, who isn’t yet as popular as Priyanka, swept the award with much ease. Instead, Priyanka is rather tripping on the fact that small town girls can create such magic in Bollywood, almost take it over!  

She tweets: I hate losing.But if I had to take a back seat to anyone this year it would be U #KanganaRanaut ! Congratulations! yay Queen!#SmallTownGirls.”

What a great way to think about this... We love Peecee’s kick-ass attitude. Not only does she have so much drive and passion, she also respects and acknowledges other people’s drive, passion and hard-work! It’s not been an easy road for Kangana, after all.