Priyanka Chopra did something real sweet for Deepika!

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By Tulsi, News Network

The two are often pitted against each other! Both of them being the sexiest, most talented actresses, that would be expected.

But I think that it’s established by now that these girlies are actually really great friends!

In fact, there’s something that Peecee did for Dippy that’s worth a praise! She ordered herself a dance kit, and ordered one extra one for Deepika too!

Now, the two are supposed to be dancing away to glory in their next film Bajirao Mastani… So, of course they share a dancing bond! But this is absolutely thoughtful and nice of Priyanka. It’s a way of saying “yes, I appreciate your talent!”… And that’s all Bollywood needs from its gorgeous leading ladies!

So it’s clear! No competition. Only support and encouragement. That’s how Priyanka and Deepika roll!