Prachi: Dignified silence is to her advantage

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While linkup rumours tend to bother most Bollywood celebrities, actor Prachi Desai feels a rather dignified silence is what has worked to her advantage in the industry.

About her relationship status she promptly replies, “Even if you do a Google search, you’ll never find a quote from me on any of these things, and I think that says it all. If this is what I wanted to be spoken and written about, I’d have been out there more often.”

Prachi who was paired with filmmaker Rohit Shetty during the filming of Bol Bachchan (2012) says she does not need to be involved with a director to get good work or make a place in the industry. “I am confident about what I do. I know that I can act and I can get my way through with just that. I don’t need to do what other people are doing.”

Not divulging any details of this much hyped rumoured linkup, she adds, “It’s always nice to have a little spice in life. People like to know what you’re doing in your personal life. I would leave them guessing, or make them work a little harder to find out, rather than me spilling all the beans.”

But do these baseless reports affect her rapport with prospective filmmakers or otherwise? “When sometimes people cross the line or stoop low, or are outright rude, then misunderstandings might crop up. Although we are very well-versed with each other and we all know what can be written. There could be any kind of rumour, which can take anyone by surprise. So you have to make that little extra effort to ensure that those kind of things don’t come in your way of your work.”

For Prachi, in order to have a healthy atmosphere in the industry, it’s important to let go of “trivial” and “silly” reports. “Sometimes we all laugh over these rumours because we do end up seeing each other so often that we know the true story. But when something tends to affect your work image, you put in an effort to make sure that at least the concerned people or those who matter know the truth. The other people I really don’t care about. I would not give explanations to anyone else.”