Prachi Desai is happy that people are seeing potential in her!

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Mumbai, Sept. 13 -- She has worked in a variety of films since she made her Bollywood debut in 2008 with Rock On! As she completes close to ten years in the industry, the actor says she is happy that people are seeing potential in her. 
We caught up with Prachi on her birthday (September 12) to talk about her life, career, acting, and more.
Would you call yourself a birthday person?
I am one of those people who hide under a table on birthdays (laughs). I start to cringe and I'm like, 'Oh god, I hope people don't make a scene on my birthday', because I get embarrassed. I adore all the attention and love that I get from everyone, but I would love that to happen in a quiet manner (smiles).
You have been busy working on films such as Kosha and Carbon. Are you enjoying it?
You know, I never knew I would be so happy with my decisions to work in these movies. It's very difficult to explain, but this is the happiest that I have ever been. This is the kind of work I have always wanted to do. There was a phase when it was important to do big banner Bollywood films, but times have changed. I am glad that people see the potential in me and they still come to me with strong parts.
So are you having an exciting time?
Absolutely. I just want my potential to be fully explored; that hasn't been done before. I don't want to be one among the rest. I am happier doing such parts and have, in fact, been striving for them.
But you haven't been doing many Bollywood films...
Yes. I have been offered films with big A-list stars over the past few months, but those weren't the kind of films that I wanted to do. So, I made a conscious decision to not become just another commodity in a film. Instead, I chose other films that would change the course of my career. This is the time to make such decisions. People are, fortunately, experimenting and audiences are also willing to watch different stuff. Sometimes, I feel I am bleeding acting. It's a crazy passion of mine. I would rather do cinema that I would be proud of.
With films like Kosha and Carbon, this year seems to have been eventful...
Yes, it's been one of the most eventful and awesome years. I have always felt that films should choose me, and not vice versa. Working in Kosha has been an adventure in the true sense. Carbon was also exciting, as I played an android in the movie, who thinks she is a human. So, this is a very exciting time for me where I have been getting to play interesting characters in content driven films.
Are you happy with the kind of roles that have come your way?
First of all, I would call myself an outsider (laughs). But fortunately, I have been able to work with some really great film-makers, big co-stars and top banners. I've always tried to choose the best parts from whatever I've been offered.
This year, what's your big birthday wish?
I'd love to see my sister's book coming out and do well. As for me, I would want people to watch Kosha and see the efforts that we are putting in. I also want to help rape victims and acid attack survivors. Plus, I want to learn to play the guitar as I can't play any musical instrument (laughs).