Pooja Hegde visits cancer patients!

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Mumbai, Sept. 24 -- A lot of Bollywood actors are associated with social causes, and the same applies to Pooja Hegde too. 
The Mohenjo Daro (2016) actor has associated herself with an NGO working for children suffering from cancer. The actor has pledged to not just support the organisation but also devote a considerable amount of her time to them, by visiting the hospitals and meeting the children associated with them.
A source reveals, "Recently, Pooja visited the children's cancer ward at the Tata Memorial Hospital, where she spent a couple of hours with the children there. She not just interacted with them but also distributed food packets and chocolates for them. Pooja is quite concerned about the kids and she has decided to visit them frequently. She has also advised the doctors to provide the children with everything they need to get through this challenging time".
Talking about her initiative, Pooja says, "I felt really nice that I went and met the patients there. The kids are so resilient. My heart goes out to them and their parents. I am glad that I could help them in my own little way which brought a smile on their face."