Parineeti: I want to look better in 2015

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New Delhi, Jan. 10 -- Last year may not have been great for Parineeti Chopra, but the 26-year-old actor is not losing sleep. She says she has learnt her lesson, and is looking forward to finding the right script, and that she wants to work on looking better.

Last year wasn't as great for you as the ones before...

Everything went right in my first two years, and 2014, too, started on a high note. Then Daawat-e-Ishq flopped and I was shocked. I didn't even know how it (having a flop) felt like. So, the next time a script comes to me, I will give it more thought. Be it films, brands or money, 2014 has been full of ups and downs. But my personal experiences last year have made me more calm.

Any other plans in 2015?

I want to work on myself and look better. I was so busy last year that I couldn't take care of myself at all, but I will do that now.

What have you learnt in these three years?

My biggest learning has been that relationships in the film industry are fickle. People here are nice, but there's so much pressure that everybody tends to become insecure. Everyone is there for you when you are at the top, but when you are a no one, you become a no one for them, too.

You are still single...

I am going to find a boyfriend in 2015, and I have been saying it for the past two years. I haven't gotten attracted to anybody. My last relationship was in 2011.