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Parineeti: 'I am sick of being single'

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Mumbai, July 9 -- Her professional life has been quite exciting so far, but Parineeti Chopra thinks her love life hasn't matched up to it. While her contemporaries have had their share of link-ups, Parineeti is believed to have been single so far, and she says it's "the sad truth of her life".    

"But this is my year. I am going to find a boyfriend in 2014," she proclaims, adding, "I am sick of being single. There's no reason for me to be. I need to find a boyfriend but, [till now] I haven't found anyone."

Though she jokes that she has been saying that for the past two-and-a-half years now.    "I only end up meeting either my directors or co-stars. And unless you date them, which I haven't till date, who else will be there? I don't think on those lines about them (co-stars)," says the actor, who was briefly linked with director Maneesh Sharma in the past.    

So, what does she miss most about not having someone special in her life? "This is the time to have relationships and a boyfriend. [It's nice when] you come home to someone. Now, I am going to Phuket, Thailand. I will find someone there, and am going to bring [back] a boyfriend," she says with a laugh.    

And, does she feel she's the only single actor around? "No, some of them - at least two or three of us - are single. I know best because I am very close to them," says Parineeti, who doesn't believe in arranged matches. "I can't even think about it. How would someone else know who I would get along with?" she quips.