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Parineeti finds biopics challenging!

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Mumbai, Sept. 20 -- Biopics seem to be the flavour of the season, with several actors set to play real-life personalities on screen in the coming months.

Actor Parineeti Chopra wishes to be part of such projects as well. "Oh, 100 per cent," says Parineeti, when asked if she'd be open to taking up a biopic. But she's not sure whose real life she'd like to portray on screen. "I don't know, and honestly, I don't have knowledge of enough interesting personalities. It just has to be an interesting person, with all due respect to everybody out there. And it has to be a good script," she explains.

But the actor admits that playing a real-life person is not a cakewalk. "It will be very hard for me to get into another person's life and shoes, but if it happens to me, it will be another powerful role that I would be excited to play. It will be challenging," says the 25-year-old actor.