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Parineeti Chopra: I have to wait for a good script..

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Mumbai, April 8 -- She is still in her mid-twenties, but Parineeti Chopra has already zeroed in on her dream home in the posh Bandra area (after rejecting close to 40 properties, she says).

Here, the actor, who has been away from the spotlight, opens up about her new house, what has been keeping her away, and more.

Congratulations on buying your apartment. You must be happy.

Absolutely. I have been waiting to finalise a house for myself for the longest time. Finally, I have zeroed in on the one I like. I am very happy.

Why have you been away from the spotlight for some time now?

I am busy working on things that I didn't get time for last year, since I was caught up with shoots, promotions and travelling. But I don't know why such a big deal is being made out of it, because it has been just four months since I have been away. It's important to step back, take some time off to work on yourself, become healthier, spend time reading scripts and choose the ones that you really want to do. I am close to choosing a film now. These things take time.

Rumours suggest that Aditya Chopra has asked you to take a break and analyse your (career) decisions.

That's rubbish. It's unfortunate that any wrong or unusual move made by any actor makes (who has made a debut with Chopra's production house), is, somehow, always pinned on Adi sir. That's not fair. Just because he doesn't talk to the media or clarify things, doesn't mean he can be held responsible for everything. He is the greatest mentor and the coolest producer ever. As a friend, he always helps his actors out. He isn't sitting on a throne, ordering people to do things.

So, what's your reason for not signing films?

I haven't found anything that I have liked. I am reading many scripts, but I am yet to find something that I absolutely love. And the directors I want to work with are busy right now. I don't want to make the mistake of signing a film that I am not happy with. So, I have to wait for a good script.

Reports suggest that since you don't have film offers your endorsement deals are getting affected.

That's the craziest thing I have ever heard. In fact, a few days ago, my team and I were discussing how I am endorsing 10 brands, despite my last couple of films not doing well. I don't think any other actor is associated with so many brands. And to hear that I am being thrown out of brand deals is funny. I think some people in the media, who want to fill their pages, have found a target in me.

You are still in your mid-twenties, and you own a house in Mumbai. Do you feel a sense of achievement?

I definitely feel it. Moreover, the sense of achievement is big because ever since I came to Mumbai in 2009 - and even when I was not an actor - I was dying to own a house. I was tired of living in rented houses. I never wanted to buy one just for the sake of making an investment, but I wanted to live in it. So I wanted to save money for my own home. In fact, my parents are more thrilled than I am.

Were there any specific things you looked for while finalising the house?

The main thing for me was to have a big space and a good view [of the skyline] from my house. Most of the flats in Mumbai are cramped, especially the new ones. So, I deliberately wanted to buy a place in a little older structure to have a bigger house.