Parineeti is amazed how popular Bollywood is becoming the world over!

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Mumbai, March 1 -- Parineeti Chopra, while recently vacationing in Australia, kept posting updates about her trip on social media platforms.

It was evident that Parineeti was having a great time. But things for the actor became more exciting for her when she managed to make it to the front page of a local newspaper there.

A source close to Parineeti reveals, "She has always wanted to visit Australia. She finally got a chance to take a trip there this year. She was very excited. Interestingly, her fans would often gather at her hotel. They wanted to meet her. The actor and her team were quite taken aback, as they did not expect such a response."

The source adds that representatives from a local newspaper, called The Cairns Post, got in touch with her, and asked her to give them an interview.

The source says, "Parineeti obliged. She was amazed to see how popular Bollywood is becoming the world over. She spoke about her trip to Australia and about the Hindi film industry, among other things. The newspaper even published the first picture that Parineeti had uploaded online, photoshopped it and placed a Bollywood sign in the background, much like the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, USA."

Parineeti, who has just t returned to Mumbai, says, "The trip was awesome. I will never forget it." She adds, "The recognition I got locally was amazing. Even at the airport, people told me that they had seen me in the news. It's cool that I could make a small mark there."