Pari wants a break with the Khans!

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New Delhi, Aug. 14 -- For any actor, starring alongside the Khans - Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh - is akin to joining the big league in Bollywood.

Although actor Parineeti Chopra, in her three-year old career, hasn't done a film with any of these actors, she says that she is keen to work with the big three now.

"Working with any of the Khans would be a life changing experience not just for me, but for any actor," says the National Awardee, adding that it's not just a boost to one's career but "way more than that".

"It's not just about improving one's career or that millions of Khan fans would watch the film, and you are going to be in it ... it's more to do with what one can learn from them. They have been in the industry for so long, they are superstars and there must be a lot that they are doing right to be where they are today. So, one can learn so much just by working with them, by just observing them and their work style for those 50-60 days (of the shoot)," says the 26-year-old actor, who says that she will announce her next project "soon".

Meanwhile, Parineeti will attend the India Day parade in New York on Sunday. "Representing India at the India Day Parade on the 16th of August at Madison Avenue at 11 a.m.!!! Come meet me New York. (sic)," she posted on Twitter.