No scuba diving certificate for Parineeti!

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Mumbai, Oct. 28 -- Parineeti Chopra's new love is scubadiving. The actor has already completed her first open water dive (as per the rule, one must complete four open water dives before getting a certificate).

But when she recently went to Phuket for her second dive, the actor couldn't complete it because of her ill health. "When I went to Phuket to do the dive, I fell ill. And although I was still keen to go ahead with the dive, my instructors stopped me," says the actor, adding that she will complete the second dive the day she gets a break from work.

"I can't wait to complete the process and get my certificate," she adds. After completing the theoretical part of her diving lessons and doing some practical training in a swimming pool in the city, Parineeti did her first dive in Bali.