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Bring on the LS poll results: say celebs contenders!

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We find out if stars who’ve contested the 2014 Lok Sabha elections are nervous about the report card on Friday.

Mohammad Kaif, cricketer
Constituency: Phulpur (Uttar Pradesh)
Party: Congress
It will be a working day for me. Since our local workers have been working round-the-clock, I will meet them. I also plan to visit the counting centre to see if everything is fine. If you’ve worked hard on something for two months, you are bound to feel a bit nervous.

Bappi Lahiri, musician
Constituency: Sreerampur (West Bengal)
Party: Bharatiya Janata Party
I flew down to Kolkata (on May 14) and on the counting day, I’d be at the party office from the morning to oversee the counting. And yes, I am slightly nervous (smiles). This time, polling has gone very well. By the way, have you heard anything about how BJP is going to do this time?

Gul Panag, actor
Constituency: Chandigarh (Punjab/Haryana)
Party: Aam Aadmi Party
I will report at the counting centre at 6.45 in the morning and will spend the entire day there till the counting comes to an end. And no, I am not nervous about the results. I have worked very hard and put in my best. Now, I will wait for the results, and that’s a part of the game. Isn’t it?

Moon Moon Sen, actor
Constituency: Bankura (West Bengal)
Party: Trinamool Congress
I have put in enough hard-work in the searing heat of summer. And I hope it will show in the results. Now, there is no point in sitting at the party office and see the counting. I would rather take rest and relax. I am slightly ­nervous but I hope everything will go well.

Ravi Kishan, actor
Constituency: Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh)
Party: Congress
I will be praying at a temple where there aren’t too many ­people and it isn’t too crowded. I haven’t decided which one yet. I am very nervous and I hope, God-willing, the results will be in my favour. I have done my best. I fought like a warrior having taken on this difficult task.

Rakhi Sawant, actor
Constituency: Mumbai North-West (Maharashtra)
Party: Rashtriya Aam Party
I will be going to the counting centre in Goregaon (east) as it is a mandatory part of the ­process of elections. I don’t want to go but I will. I am very nervous as I contested against stalwarts. I don’t know if people voted for me or not, as I entered late when only 15 days of campaigning were left.

Paresh Rawal, actor
Constituency: Ahmedabad-East (Gujarat)
Party: Bharatiya Janata Party
I will be going to my constituency in the morning. I’m 100% sure that we are going to win. So frankly, I have no reason to be nervous about anything.

Mahesh Manjrekar, actor/filmmaker
Constituency: Mumbai North-West
Party: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena
I will be at home ... watching the results on the news. If I win, I will celebrate and if I don’t, it’s okay. I’m not stressing over it. I did all I could, and have given it my best.