Pahlaj Nihalani plans to take cues from society for censorship

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Producer Pahlaj Nihalani has been appointed the new chairperson of the Central  Board of Film Certification, after the recent controversial resignation of the last chairperson, Leela Samson and nine other members from the censor board.

Never having been involved in the board in any capacity, Nihalani is looking at this appointment as a challenge. "Taking up a challenge is always enjoyable and I am looking forward to fulfilling this (job) to the best of my ability," he says.

Ask him how he plans to deal with the controversies that keep hitting the board, and he says, "I haven’t taken the charge yet, but once I do, I will gauge which areas need repair and rectify that first. The rest will fall into place."

A producer himself, Nihalani says that the board will not take recourse to moral policing while certifying films. "The board helps to create a balance between society and filmmakers. There are many members on the board from various walks of life, so each can present their viewpoint and censor a film according to the current trends in society," he says.

However, talking about Samson, his predecessor, Nihalani says, "She should have taken up the issues (lack of funds and committee members not meeting) during her tenure and not at the fag end. Creating a controversy at the end doesn’t reflect too well on anyone."