Director Omung is not stressed about Bhoomi..

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In less than a month actor Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film, Bhoomi, will hit theatres. One would expect filmmaker Omung Kumar to be under a lot of pressure about how the film will fare at the box office. But a rather confident Omung says that he is “not at all stressed” and knows that the film will do well.
“There’s a relief that Sanju is in the film. Kya hai na, uska comeback film hai toh log to ayenge hi dekhne (Since it’s Sanjay’s comeback, I am sure people will come to watch the film). So, I am under no stress, just because of this, and I know the film will do well,” says Omung.
In fact, the filmmaker reveals that he was more worried about the project before finalising Dutt for the role. “I was worried about the film, and used to think who is going to do the film. But then he [Sanjay] said a yes, and it became his film. So, I am not worried about the film, or how it will fare at the box office,” he adds.
For a fact that the film marks Dutt’s return to screen in a lead role after three years, Omung is excited to be directing it. “I have known him for many years now. He is a wonderful human being. It is great that I am getting to work with him. This genre of revenge drama completely suits him. It’s a very sensitive story about a father and his daughter, and he has done complete justice to it,” shares Omung.
However, despite Sanjay’s involvement, the filmmaker does admit that he is a “little nervous” about the project. “There’s always going to be a little pressure on you, and yes there are a few nerves. People will have some expectations from me, but I am not thinking about that, or getting anxious over it,” he explains.