Nora Fatehi: Don't care about Angad's closeness to Neha

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New Delhi, March 17 -- While Nora Fatehi is in a happy space after making her Bollywood debut in a lead role with My Birthday Song this year, her personal life, it seems, has retaken the forefront, putting the spotlight on her rumoured relationship with actor Angad Bedi. 


While the two have never admitted to being in a relationship, recent reports suggest that they have called it quits and it's because of Angad's growing closeness to actor Neha Dhupia. 


Ask the Moroccan- Canadian actor about the truth behind this, and she says, "There's nothing really to say about this because we were never together, to begin with. And I am least bothered by all this stuff [rumours]." 


But then, there's no smoke without fire! Nora clarifies, "I'm not the one creating the smoke and the fire, let's put it this way. I've got my head down working hard while others are chasing other frivolous things." 


While Angad and Nora have made several appearances together - Yuvraj Singh's wedding, each other's birthday bashes and being the showstoppers at fashion week - they've always maintained 'just friends' status. So, has this friendship gone bitter? 


"I welcome people into my life. If they are genuine, they will stay, and if not, they might just leave. Hypothetically speaking, that's their loss. I keep it moving. For me, my work, family and fans are the most important; rest is just there," says Nora. 


As for Angad's equation with Neha, the two are frequently spotted together and have been quite vocal about their fondness for each other on social media. 


"I don't care about Angad's closeness to Neha. It doesn't concern me, and I've got better things to worry about. Maybe you should question him [Angad] about his friendships with people," quips Nora. Nora asserts that right now, her only "focus" is on her career and nothing else. "I am too busy building my name in this county.