Nimrat Kaur urges support for soldiers' kin..

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New Delhi, Jan. 15 -- Actor Nimrat Kaur was only 12, when her father, Bhupinder Singh SC, (Shaurya Chakra) an Army officer was kidnapped and killed after seven days. Nimrat, along with her mother and younger sister, Rubine, were taken care of by her father's friends in the army, and she feels that not every family is lucky to receive such compassion. 
So, today, on Army Day, Nimrat urges civilians to not celebrate this day by just sharing patriotic posts on their social media accounts. She asks Indians to come forward and do something for the army families, who've lost their loved ones. 
She says, "People should do something for the foot soldiers. They come from low income groups, and in most of the cases, they are the only earning member of the family. After their demise, its difficult for their families to make ends meet. Maybe we can do something.... for instance support their children's education." 
Nimrat lost her father 24 years back, but she is still in touch with her father's army unit. 
"They still treat me as their own daughter. I keep in touch with most of them through my mother. They get excited with whatever I achieve, and I'm equally excited to see them happy." Even though she lost her father at a tender age, Nimrat has vivid memories of her father. 
"I remember the ceremonial flag hosting event that took place in my father's unit for Army Day. He used to take all of us. I used to feel proud of the fact that my father was in the Army." Nimrat feels Army Day is about respecting each other. "That's the only thing that matters and I was taught. Dad told us to respect every human, and that is something I still follow."