Nimrat Kaur: I hope to buy a house in Mumbai this year!

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New Delhi, March 13 -- On her birthday every year, actor Nimrat Kaur makes a promise to herself to do something "new and exciting". 

"I do keep making these promises to myself. Like maybe learning a language or something else. Some, I am able to keep and some I am not," she laughs. As Nimrat turns 36 today, this year is no different. 

"This year, I have made a couple of promises to myself. First is that I have to buy a house in Mumbai. That's a big personal project, something which will start very soon and I am hoping to live up to it within this year," she shares. 

"The other one is that I want to maintain a journal and start writing in it. I mean I do write and I don't think it can ever be made public," she laughs, adding, "So, that's why I'd like to keep a journal." 

Talking about her birthday plans, Nimrat shares that she usually celebrates the day with her sister, Rubine. 

"It's like a custom, which my sister and I take part in every year around my birthday. We usually go and explore some new place. This time, even as I speak with you, my sister has told my driver to take me somewhere and I've no clue where," she says. However, as a kid, her birthdays were not always "happy". 

She recalls, "My birthday was always during exams, so I could hardly celebrate. Or it used to be around Holi. I've had the worst birthdays till the time I was in school. After finishing school was when birthdays started being special for me." 

As the conversation shifts to her career, Nimrat, whose last appearance was in a web series, says that she is introspecting her career. "There have been offers. But, I'm in a very introspective space right now as an actor. I want to see where I'm going in my career and what I want to do as an actor," she says.