Niharica Raizada makes her singing debut!

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Mumbai, March 13 -- Niharica Raizada is best known for her roles in movies such as Masaan, Baby and Alone that released in 2015. 

But not many know that she is the granddaughter of late legendary music composer Omkar Prasad Nayyar commonly known as OP Nayyar. 

After trying her hand at acting, now Niharica is all set to make her singing debut. "Music is in my genes," she says as she talks about her music video.

Titled 'Jaago ab rukna mat', Niharica has written and composed the track herself. "Being OP Nayyar's granddaughter is like God's gift for me. I had started singing even before I started walking (laughs). As a kid too, it was a great responsibility for me because I came from a noted family. I love singing and I can never let him (OP Nayyar) down. I hope everyone loves my attempt at singing," she says.

Talking about her single she says, "I have already recorded the song and we will shoot the music video soon. It is slated to release in April. The song is a motivational number and is about having hope in life. Sometimes it may take a while to accomplish your dreams, but you must have faith - that's the message the song sends."