Fitness freak actress Nidhhi has her priorities sorted!

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New Delhi, March 8 -- Actor Nidhhi Agerwal, who made her Bollywood debut with Tiger Shroff in Munna Michael (2017), has reportedly signed her second project with filmmaker Shree Narayan Singh. 


While the preparation of her new film is keeping her schedule blocked, the actor is not letting this create a hindrance in her fitness regime. A self-proclaimed fitness freak, Nidhhi, reveals what encourages her to never skip gym and follow right eating habits. 


She says,"I've started to endorse fitness, long time back. I follow my workout regime religiously. I actually enjoy the whole process. I strongly feel that it not only energising my body but also my mind." 


Sharing the details of what goes behind her fit-bod, she says, "I usually workout for an hour and a half every day for about five days a week. And, my regime keeps changing. For instance, I'm doing weight training now and the results are amazing. And during my dance classes, I get to do a lot of cardio." 


For the actor, fitness isn't something that was forced upon her. She also chooses good nutrition. Nidhhi says,"I make sure that I get a certain amount of protein, and beyond that I can eat whatever I want. I'm not that strict with my diet. I eat anything I want. You need to be sure that you're eating healthy and nutritious."