Neil Bhoopalam: In between stage and screen!

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New Delhi, March 15 -- Actor Neil Bhoopalam's screen presence, may have been grabbing enough eye balls, but he still hasn't given up on his first love - theatre.

Busy with his latest play, Merchant of Venice, that was recently staged in Mumbai, his team is planning to stage it next in Delhi and Bangalore. "I have been doing professional theatre since college days. Initially, I never thought of becoming a full-fledged actor. I was inspired by my elder brother Mahesh, who was into theatre. Interestingly, I became an actor, but my brother joined the corporate world," says Neil, whose father was in the aviation industry, and whose family has no association with cinema or any creative medium professionally.

Neil feels that things have changed drastically over the last decade, and the industry is now more welcoming to people from non-filmy backgrounds.

"I have got so much of my TV and film assignments because of my stage work," says Neil, who does not plan to give up theatre and simultaneously pursue it along with the films. The actor explains that he is more interested in the kind of work that he does, rather than the money he makes.

Neil cites an incident from Bangalore, when a lady walked up to him after his play and said that initially she hadn't planned to come for the show, but when she learned that he is acting in it, she changed her decision as she had seen him act on stage before. "It is easy for people to remember an actor from his films and shows, but it is special if they remember him for his stage work," says Neil, signing off.