Neha Dhupia: I feel like it's just the beginning after 15 yrs of being in the business

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Mumbai, Feb. 6 -- Neha Dhupia is busy balancing her career between movies and television. The actor recently won her first award for her performance in Tumhari Sulu (2017). 
"I feel like it's just the beginning after 15 years of being in the business. Awards do matter, as they are an instant recognition by the industry. So, for me, it's a huge pat from the industry," she says. Excerpts from the interview:
It's the first time you've collaborated with Karan Johar for a film. Was it part of your wish list?
Yes, it was a part of my wish list. My experience working in the film Love And Lust has been phenomenal.
Did you feel you missed out on working with some big production houses so far?
It is not the end of the road yet. So, I hope that in the future, I will get to work with the people I have not worked with so far.
Now, what is your criterion of signing a film? Does the scale and production house matter?
I am interested in doing good roles and being part of a movie that people will go and watch, because it's the audience that decides (the fate of a film). I am going to try and be part of films that will entertain the audience. And everything matters. The ability of the producer to get the film into the theatres to audiences and make enough noise about it definitely matters. Whether it is a big budget film or a small budget film, it does not matter as long as it is a great script to back with the right amount of money to make it and market it.
B-Towners have made some candid confessions on your chat show. Do you think being part of the industry makes a difference?
It definitely makes a difference because I am part of the business. They end up saying whatever they have to say on the show. But I feel more than anything else, I would like to take pride in the fact that I've an ability to make people comfortable. Maybe that's what makes for good conversation. The two most fun conversations I have had are with Karan Johar and Rishi Kapoor because they were candid and had interesting stories to tell.
Has any star ever asked you to drop a segment or question if they were ever comfortable?
Yes, a lot of times. However, maybe just a few lines - never a segment or a section.
How has media reporting changed over the years?
I think everything makes for news now as opposed to more substantial things. Now, it's almost like the audience wants to know everything - from what one is wearing to where one is headed to for a holiday. When I started out, the only thing that would make for breaking news would be your next project. Now, everything that we think will not make for news could be a headline.