Being beautiful has nothing to do with size zero: Neha

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Mumbai, Dec. 11 -- It's all about being curvy and fabulous, actor Neha Dhupia told us, when we caught up with her recently.

Does she think Bollywood is accepting of full-figured women? "Of course! The understanding of a beautiful woman is warped in many minds. Being fit does not mean looking like an average model on a fashion magazine. I don't relate beauty to being size zero and scrawny. Look at Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Mahie Gill...all these women are gorgeous and they are all curvy."      

Talking about her own diet regime, she says,"I'm ever tempted by delicious food, but if I'm served with a big spread of scrumptious food, you'd find me just having noodle soup in my hotel room. As actors, pet bharne ke liye humein pet khaali bhi rakhna padta hai (As actors, to feed ourselves, we need to starve as well)," she says, laughing. "But I enjoy being disciplined. I would have had the same self-control even if I were in a different profession," she adds.    

The actor, however, says that every star has to face scrutiny. "Being an actor, you face weight issues because you are constantly under scrutiny. There are days when I feel that my body looks stunning, but then someone writes the exact opposite of that in the paper. It's sad then that your fitness becomes another man's perspective," says Neha. "But one should take this as a challenge and use it as inspiration," she adds.