No endorsements for Nawazuddin..

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Mumbai, April 14 -- Nawazuddin Siddiqui has his hands full. The actor's date diary is extremely packed and, as a result, he is not able to accept any endorsement deals.

Nawaz, who has been juggling his dates between two big films - one with Salman Khan and the other co-starring Shah Rukh Khan - has being approached by several brands for deals.

A source says that over the past two months, he has been approached by four companies that want to sign him as their brand ambassador. While the actor is overwhelmed with the offers, he hasn't been able to sign any because he is busy till October this year.

"Nawaz had to turn down four proposals from various brands, which included a popular fast food chain, an online shopping portal and a men's suiting brand," says the source.

Apart from the two big-ticket films, Nawaz will also be busy with the promotions of his upcoming release, directed by Ketan Mehta, which will hit theatres in September.

While Nawaz remained unavailable for a comment, his spokesperson confirmed the news, and said, "Nawaz is keen to take up the endorsement deals, but time is a constraint for him right now. However, he may look at some of these offers post October, when his schedule will be relatively free."