Nawazuddin: Mom's hard work has paid off

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Mumbai, Sept. 29 -- Nawazuddin Siddiqui is overjoyed that his mother is named as one of the most influential women in India in BBC's 100 Women list 2017. 
BBC has considered women who have made a mark in society and helped others too as part of this list apart from just women who have accomplished supreme feat in their respective fields.
"All her hard work and self education has paid off. I have got so many awards but none have felt so special to me as this one has. She is the person who has supported me throughout my life. My mum was illiterate and started to educate herself when we started going to school. She always wanted me and my siblings to have discipline in life and instilled that habit in us. She insisted that I get trained in whichever field I chose for myself, which is why I ultimately joined the National School of Drama," says the Badlapur (2016) actor.
Nawazuddin says his mother is quite modern as she knows that with education and discipline, one can achieve any feat in life. She not only helped her own kids get an education but also other kids in the village. 
He says, "We are from a small village and from a conservative family where women don't step out of the house much. One faces many taboos in such a culture. To convince other villagers to let their boys and girls get an education is a big deal. She took care of nine kids and ensured ll education. All of us are graduates. She learnt things on her own and when she felt capable, she began teaching kids in the village. She has taught around 300 kids in the village and even today gives tuitions to 20 kids in the village." 
Mehroonisa will soon attend a workshop where she will share her story with the world and other achievers on the list.