Nawazuddin draws inspiration from Christian Bale!

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Mumbai, Nov. 22 -- Nawazuddin Siddiqui is known for his nuanced acting skills and always bringing something new to the table. 
The actor gets quite involved when it comes to portraying his characters. So for his upcoming movie, he made a suggestion for a crucial scene which was later incorporated. The actor, who was inspired by the murder scene in American Psycho (2000), tweaked a scene in his upcoming movie.
"Nawazuddin plays a grey character in the film Monsoon Shootout. And for a murder scene, the actor was supposed to use a gun as a weapon to shoot. However, he decided to use an axe as the weapon to kill. The actor was inspired by the famous scene from American Psycho where Christian Bale uses an axe to murder Jared Leto. And thus, he wanted to incorporate that gruesomeness in his character and chose to go with an axe instead. He wanted the character to look more intense. Moreover, he had used guns for various other movies. So to bring a different element, he chose a new weapon," says a source.
The actor couldn't be reached for a comment.