Nawazuddin is being approached by top brands..

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Mumbai, Feb. 21 -- Nawazuddin Siddiqui's journey in Bollywood - from being a chemist in Gujarat to becoming a Bollywood 'star' - is nothing short of inspiring.

He even confesses to having repeated one suit to several award functions. Interestingly, with apparel brands now lining up to sign him as their brand ambassador, Nawaz has come a long way.

Recently, the actor was signed as the brand ambassador for a suiting brand, which has been endorsed by superstars in the past. We're told that he is, in fact, getting quite a few offers. A source says, "Nawaz is being approached by many top apparel brands for endorsement deals."

Apparently, he has been approached by three different clothing labels. The source adds, "A brand known for their earthy, traditional outfits wants him to be their new face. For them, Nawaz is the perfect fit, given his rustic appeal and with his growing popularity among the youth." He has also been approached by a "traditional wedding apparel brand", and a formal wear brand.

Nawaz remained unavailable for a comment.