Poem penned by PM Modi in web series on his life!

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Mumbai, March 25 (IANS) A poem penned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been used in "Modi: The Journey Of A Common Man", which is a 10-part series based on his life.

"When we were researching on our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we came across beautifully written, thought-provoking poems written by him and felt that we must use one of his poems," the series' director Umesh Shukla said in a statement.

"So we used the poem ‘Shyam Ke Rogan Rele' and it has turned to be a hummable song." 

The director has got the permission to use it in the Eros Now series and will present a song based on the poem.

The story of the series begins with 12-year-old Narendra and traverses through his teenage years and youth to becoming the Prime Minister of India. Actors Faisal Khan, Ashish Sharma and Mahesh Thakur play his part to depict the different stages of his life. 

The original series is written by Mihir Bhuta and Radhika Anand. Each episode ranges between 35 and 40 minutes highlighting many incidents that made him devote his life to the service of the country.