Nana Patekar: No time to prepare in Bollywood films

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Mumbai, Aug. 28 -- Nana Patekar, who is known to be rather particular about the way he plays his characters on the big screen, rues the fact that actors in Bollywood films are rarely given the time to think or prepare for a role these days.

Most of the times, they are just handed over the script a few days before the film is supposed to go on the floors. "Hollywood maintains a system. You get the script much in advance. You can work on it, and can discuss it with your director. That is rarely the case in Bollywood," says Patekar.

The actor even hints at lower commitment levels in Bollywood, unlike what is the norm in the Marathi film industry.

He says, "Take Anees Bazmee's film, for example. The movie features so many actors, and they all have their own commitments. So, the film gets delayed. A project that was supposed to be completed in 70 days eventually took us 150 days. The economics tend to go haywire because of that. Natsamrat, a Marathi play that is now being made into a film, was to be finished in 60 days, but we managed to wrap it up in 35 days. Why? Because everyone was prepared, and we shot for the film at one stretch."