Ruslaan, Mugdha's foggy encounter..

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New Delhi, Feb. 26 -- Bollywood and television actor Ruslaan Mumtaz, who was shooting for a film in Nepal, recently, got stranded on a foggy pathway for several hours.

A source close to the actor says that Ruslaan was shooting with Mugdha Godse in the picturesque country and decided to call his wife for a trip. This incident happened one day on their way back from the sets to the main city after the shoot.

"Ruslaan, his wife Nirali and Mugdha were shooting on the outskirts of the city so they were returning to their hotel in the main city. Due to heavy fog the driver lost the track of the other cars from the film's unit," says the source, adding, "Soon after, Ruslaan realised that neither he nor his co-passengers had a signal on their phones so they couldn't even contact the team. They decided to stop in one place till the fog cleared instead of driving around recklessly in the outskirts which were quite desolate and it was also getting darker. The trio was stranded for close to seven hours before the other team could trace them."

Talking about it now, Ruslaan says, "I'am glad we had some protein bars and chocolates with us which kept us going. The cold was killing and we were very hungry. It was indeed seven hours of nightmare."