Mugdha Godse catches flu..

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New Delhi, Oct. 3 -- Model-turned-actor Mugdha Godse has caught the flu and has been advised bed rest by her doctor.

Apparently, she is feeling irritable, since she has to confine herself to her house. A source close to the actor shares, "Mugdha had been shooting back-to-back for three films and she had also been travelling for events. So, with all the exhaustion, she is also suffering a bout of viral. And she also has low blood pressure, which is making it impossible for her to workout. Since Mughda is a fitness freak, all this is making her snap."

"I have got viral and now I can't go out of the house. I hate falling sick. Bad throat, fever and this house arrest is making me irritable. To top it, I can't even workout," shares the actor, who started out her career in Bollywood with director Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion (2008), and was also seen in Jail (2009) and Heroine (2012).